Our range of patterned frosted window film rolls gives scope for decorating and enhancing glass in all types of office, commercial, retail and residential buildings.

We have a wide choice of decorative films, each offering a different degree of privacy while allowing a high level of natural light to penetrate. The colour of the print will either be a frosted glass effect or a white frosted effect, depending on the design you choose.

These printed polyester glass films have a durable scratch resistant coating and can be cleaned using normal non-abrasive cleaning methods.

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Privacy Window Film – Geometric

From: £28.00

Privacy Window Film – Wavy

From: £17.00

Privacy Window Film – Dots

From: £17.00

cut to size frosted window film

Cut To Size Frosted Window Film

From: £15.00

Cut to size frosted window film without any pattern. To order, simply enter your required dimensions in centimetres & quantity in the boxes below.

Privacy Window Film – Square

From: £17.00

Privacy Window Film – Small Lines

From: £17.00

Privacy Window Film – Medium Lines

From: £17.00

Privacy Window Film – Large Lines

From: £17.00