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Whiteout Privacy Window Film

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Whiteout privacy window film is Ideal for use in screening out areas where light has to be excluded and vision from both side must be prevented. This film is 100% opaque and will not let any light in. Please don’t get confused with other companies that sell a similar product as this is not 100% opaque. This film is an easy to install self-adhesive film that can be cut with scissors or a craft knife and applied directly to your existing glazing. If you would like to receive a sample of this film, then please use the ‘Sample’ button below.


Clear Single Glazed - Float Annealed
Clear Single Glazed - Toughened
Clear Single Glazed - Laminated
Clear Double Glazed - Float Annealed
Clear Double Glazed - Toughened
Clear Double Glazed - Laminated
Tinted Single Glazed - Float Annealed
Tinted Single Glazed - Toughened
Tinted Double Glazed - Float Annealed
Tinted Double Glazed - Toughened
Tinted Double Glazed - Laminated
Georgian Wired Glass
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Internal Warranty10 Years
External Warranty0 Years
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