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Solid Double Sided Mirror Window Film

From: £9.99

  • Convert flat glass into a mirror
  • Excellent for privacy
  • Reduces solar heat by 91%
  • Available in 2 widths
  • Blocks 99% of UV


Solid double sided silver mirror window film is a popular choice for when you want to convert flat glass into a mirror. This can be ideally used on glass cupboards, wardrobe doors, shower screen etc. This high performance solar reflective mirror film, gives a uniform high silver reflective appearance to the glazing from the outside and inside.
Please note: There is very little vision through the film, so is ideally suited to converting glass into a mirror. If your looking for one way vision, then please see these product

If you would like to receive a sample of this film, then please use the ‘FREE Sample Service’ page at the bottom. Allows 1% of visible light through the film, reduces solar energy by
91%, reduces the sun’s glare by 96%, reduces damaging UV light by 99%


Visible Light Transmitted1%
Visible Light Reflected82%
Total Solar Energy Transmitted4%
Total Solar Energy Reflected78%
Total Solar Energy Absorption18%
Ultra Violet Light Reflected99%
Shading Co-Efficient0.10%
Solar Heat Gain Co-Efficientn/a
U Value5.1%
Total Solar Energy Rejected91%
Glare Reduction96%
Scratch Resistant CoatingYes


Clear Single Glazed - Float Annealed
Clear Single Glazed - Toughened
Clear Single Glazed - Laminated
Clear Double Glazed - Float Annealed
Clear Double Glazed - Toughened
Clear Double Glazed - Laminated
Tinted Single Glazed - Float Annealed
Tinted Single Glazed - Toughened
Tinted Double Glazed - Float Annealed
Tinted Double Glazed - Toughened
Tinted Double Glazed - Laminated
Georgian Wired Glass
Fit Internally
Fit Externally
Internal Warranty10 Years
External Warranty0 Years